International Symposium on Applied Science and Technology (ISASTech) is an annual conference
initiated among academician and students within the Overseas Indonesian Student’ Association
Alliance America-Europe Region (OISAA), also called Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia se- Dunia
Kawasan Amerika-Eropa (PPIDK Amerop). This conference is devoted to discussing current scientific
developments on technology and applied sciences topics, to exchange knowledge and experiences
amongst academicians or scientists, practitioners, and policymakers.
The 1st ISASTech 2020 Istanbul raises a theme of “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals:
Contriving the Blueprint to Face Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0” as a response of the current
trend in industrial, economic, education, agriculture and public sectors which are marked by prevalent
uses of digitalized and automatized high-technology tools in every aspect of human life. According
to the UNDP Report in 2018, “Industrial Revolution” 4.0 is marked by prevalently usage of automation
and artificial intelligence in several aspects of human life started from manufacturing to the governmental bureaucracy system. On one side, the usage of automated tools and artificial intelligence
could optimize the production process and the government service.
However, it also creates serious problems in society such as: raising the unemployment rate, gaps
between high and low skilled workforces, and racial-ethnic bias from wrong-designed artificial intelligence. 2016 became a momentum when Society 5.0 shared that vision and published officially early
2019. Society 5.0 presents a “super-smart society”. Its particular challenges and just as Industry 4.0 are
the digital transformation of manufacturing, Society 5.0 aims to tackle several challenges by going
far beyond just the digitalization of the economy towards the digitalization across all levels of the
society and the digital transformation of society itself. Obviously, in practice, Industry 4.0 and organizations overall will be major components in Society 5.0, yet it’s not the industry alone: it’s about all
stakeholders, including citizens, governments, academia and so forth.